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Are you are Seeking LEADING EDGE 

Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual Healing;

Guidance, Transformation and Learning?

You have found the right place!    

We are a

Transformational Health & Wellness Clinic,

Specializing in...

Energetic Healing : Acupuncture, Reiki 


Professional Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance


Self-Mastery Mentorship 



Jennifer Bremault R.Ac, Spiritual Soul Coach, Mentor



Just a few words that come to mind when I think of the amazing work that Jenn does! It is difficult to put into words for me all the love and support that I have felt from Jenn over the last few years of accessing her expertise. Because of her guidance, process and knowledge, I have been able to connect deeper with my inner-self and create a more balanced, energized and peaceful version of me. The work that Jenn has done to support me in my journey, has increased my self-awareness and self-connection, which has led to me feeling even more empowered, confident and at peace, than I ever have before.  Through working with Jenn, I have learned how to utilize manifestation techniques, breathwork and meditation to support in shifting my energy and create the life I want, need and deserve. I have overcome and healed from significant relationship breakdowns and unhealed emotional wounds, which had caused blockages throughout all aspects of my life. Jenn has provided me with invaluable spiritual guidance, which has been a significant part of the success I have and continue to create within my life. 

Jenn has been a source of calm, comfort and encouragement for me. I have stepped into the Empress that has always been within me and have made and continue to make huge changes emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally and within my business. The guidance, nurturing, skill, love and care, which I have received from Jenn through her invaluable work as a healer and spiritual guide, has been truly life changing. Forever grateful for you Jenn!


Rachel Windsor-

Rachel Windsor Realty Group | Real Estate Services led with Inclusion and Diversity

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