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Moon Stages

Readings Club Membership

Some people join Mom clubs, some people join hockey  clubs, some people even join baking clubs…but this, this my friend, this is The Reading Club where you’ll receive monthly guidance from well respected  and authentic SpiritualSoul Coach and Intuitive Jennifer.

Tarot Cards

Important Guidance from the Divine

I have found personally and professionally, that we all need Spiritual Connection in our fact, I will be as bold to say that if we are not involved in a regular Spiritual Practice...we are not thriving as well as we could be!!

Spiritual Connection with  is an essential part for our well-being. Connecting with Oracle and Tarot is a great tool to help you along the way, show you where you can grow, and demonstrate the power of Energy and Truth when used in a Conscious, Mindful, and  Authentic way.  

Tarot Cards _ Crystals
Zodiac Chart

Astrological Insight

What is happening in the Universe, affects us on the Earth Plane.  With this membership, you will also receive a head's up on what is happening in Astrology and how it will affect you in relation to your chart.  This is a free monthly report with your Monthly Reading.

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