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  Jennifer Bremault R.Ac

Treat Yourself Sacred, and Your Life will become a Peaceful Ceremony..


My name is Jennifer, and I  am a Transformational, Licensed & Registered Acupuncturist practicing in Alberta since 2008. 


I have over 20 years of experience and training in Energy Medicine and Psychic Readings across North America. 

I have a Passion for Energy Medicine, Metaphysics, Transformation, Consciousness, Philosophy, Spirituality and the Supernatural.

Throughout my Years of Working with Clients, I have Experienced and Witnessed Miraculous Healings & Shifts in People with Profound and Lasting Effects!

"Jennifer has been my family's "go to" holistic health practitioner for 5 + Years. Her genuine & diverse approach to help with healing, pain, optimizing function, meditation, manifestation-acknowledging your dreams, goals, wishes wants & connection with mind body spirit, has been nothing short of AMAZING.  She has a welcoming & peaceful space, and individualizes service based on a shared vision.  She has helped my family & I work through loss, depression, anxiety, weight management, stress, and change!  Her kindness, honesty, & expertises why I have referred so many to her so that they may benefit from working with her. Thank you from the bottom of our heart Jenn, for caring about our family."

Sheri Gessner- Hull Services Program Coordinator

Cochrane/Calgary, AB

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